Social Media Optimization

From a business’s point of view, social media has emerged as access to an ever-growing digital population and a potential market base. In a nutshell, promoting your business across social media platforms can be that right step towards garnering high revenues and making people buzz about your brand.

However, there's are several recommended healthy practices that need to be considered when marketing across social media channels. We at Mify bring those benefits to your business and brand through our Social Media Optimization (SMO) services.

The service we offer as apart of our SMO solutions package includes:

Social Media Management
We have an expertise in creating and managing social media accounts for business via practices that your market base can relate with. We maintain your profile actively ensuring that you are invariably connected with your customers and grow your revenue and brand awareness simultaneously.

Practices that Earn you Reviews
Nowadays almost everyone is active on social media making it really easy for businesses to launch a product or service and get a word or two about the same. Moreover, people are really vocal about their views and tend to explain them through reviews across social media channels. We can get you those positive reviews by engaging in healthy SMO practices that motivate people to always spew a good word about you.

Managing Paid Advertisements
Creating smart and engaging advertisements is the core of any successful paid advertising campaign on social media. Keeping your targets and goals, we design and run advertisements across social media platforms by adapting to the latest trends, thus ensuring maximum benefits and high conversion rates.

Content Marketing Services
SMO content marketing varies from any other form of content marketing. Social Media is a place to relax and no one is coming here to read your 1,000 worded product description. At Mify, we understand the basic concept and with creatively designed snackable content we not only promote but engage your target audience thus always adding value to your campaign.

Engaging Contests
Contests not only build up your brand image but also engage customers and empower them to do marketing for you. It is also a great source to build up a potential database. Our SMO services team strategically plan and execute relevant contests on social media according to your brand's requirements.

We ensure that every social media account that takes a peek into your website is purely organic and contributes to your business growth or profit. We believe in keeping things real and organic which is both best for your business and our experience with the service.

Regular Monitoring
With monitoring as a part of our Social Media Optimization, we analyze metrics collected after rigorous research on social media platforms and use the reports to enhance the campaigns for getter good. We have tools to track campaigns and provide a regular report to our clients as well to maintain transparency.

Competitor Analysis
Our team is focused on achieving the business goals for our clients taking factors like the marketplace, level of competition, buyer perspective, etc. into account. With an insightful knowledge of competition, we scout for practices that make our services unique and charming than others.

Technical support
Our technical support representatives can help you resolve any issue you encounter regarding Social Media Optimization in no time. Mify also may offer telephone or email support. We also include 24/7/365 live telephone and email technical support in our plans at no extra cost.


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