Email deliverability and privacy

Create. Engage. Sell. Grow.

E-mail marketing campaigns get the word out when smeared with a blend of culture and the right tools in hand and Move2Inbox has been honed to be that – The right E-mail Marketing Tool in hand. As brands’ favourite email marketing tool, Move2Inbox helps your bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together all at one place.

We, for 10+ years now, have been helping brands to create multichannel campaigns that reach your audience wherever they are. Move2Inbox, as a marketing tool, has been tweaked to help you create aesthetic Landing Pages, Social Ads, Digital Posts and anything creative that you believe would help your brand sell and engage.

Move2inox’s Smart Edge Marketing tool celebrated features include:

Data Mapping
ROI Monitoring
Anti Spam Protection
Data Filtration
Real-Time Reports
Funnel Analytics
Triggered Targeting