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Having an online presence through a website is surely not the only thing that needs to be sported. Just like everything else, your website seeks timely maintenance to keep it running. However, that requires some professional skills at work.

With Mify by your side, you get those professionalised Website Maintenance Services in no time. We understand the fact that your website is the face of your business that needs to be in top-notch state 24x7. Taking that in stride, we offer the best of the maintenance services on demand.

As a part of our website maintenance services, we have the following things to offer:

Content Modification
Content is the soul of the website. To keep your website up-to-date with the industry trends, it must be fueled with relevant content from time to time. As a part of our content modification services, we do that for you. Our team of experts at Mify ensures your website entails the latest facts and figures enriching it by removing the unnecessary stuff.

Webpage Addition And Deletion
Not all pages on your website are necessary. When pages on your website seem irrelevant to the world, it is time to either revamp them or flush them out. At Mify, we keep a track of such pages on your website and replaces them with those that are in sync with your business needs and strategies. Fair enough? Indeed.

Graphics and Image Updation
Just like content, the graphics and images on the web pages need an updation. You need to ensure that those big and heavy images that are increasing your website's loading time are replaced with their compressed version. Similarly, you have to pay attention to the graphics and design of the website. Well, you need to take the inputs from user data and offer them something new and refreshing on your web pages from time to time. We at Mify ensure that all for you.

Cyber Secure
Cyberspace is full of vulnerabilities. Anti-cyber elements search for those loopholes to bring your website down for unethical purposes. Thus, regular updation of the website’s security features is a necessity. Our cybersecurity experts at Mify help you to create that protective wall around your website that would be difficult for any anti-cyber element to penetrate.

Technical support
Our technical support representatives can help you resolve any issue you encounter regarding Website Maintenance in no time. Mify also may offer telephone or email support. We also include 24/7/365 live telephone and email technical support in our plans at no extra cost.

Website Maintance

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