Web Application Solutions

Web Application Development has its own set of objectives. These vary from managing dashboards for B2B apps or delivering an app landing page for promotional purposes to developing any other kind of website to compliment their business venture.

In a nutshell, at Mify, we have a plethora of web application services that caters to all your business needs. Our esteemed programmers are always dedicated to delivering custom web application development that reaches a significant amount of users on many different devices.

Here are the major Web Application Services that Mify stacks in its kitty:

Frontend Engineering
A web representation for a mobile app is an incredibly important step towards the success of your app. Our team of technical experts expertise in creating all sorts of promotional app websites, content management systems, certain app functionality dashboards and other types of Web User Interface solutions to help you achieve both, an app and web, presence.

Backend Engineering
strong and secure backend is the backbone of any web application. And our team of talented backend developers not only expertise in setting up a website, but also developing a strong backend for the application. In case the app requires the storage and transfer of any data to own servers or any cloud services, our team delivers the backend solutions.

The system you deploy on the cloud needs to function properly to ensure a flawlessly functioning web application. Our world-class home-nurtured cloud hosting service ensures your web application always delivers to your professional and clients' personal needs.

E-Commerce Development
Our team is adept in developing e-commerce-centric Web application development so you can reap the benefits of a huge chunk of audience invariably wanting to shop for your products and services from the comfort of the home. An easy to checkout, multiple payment gateway options, and content management capabilities ensure the site is easy to maintain and use.

A professional testing team keeps an eye on the latest industry-specific trends both in the backend and frontend so they can be used to enhance your web application performance. We take pride in our experienced testing team that ensures our systems are always available and deliver predictable performance at all times.

Content Management System
We use most CMS systems and plugins as part of the tool set to deliver the best value for our customers. Every CMS system has its own advantages and we pick the best option to meet business needs invariably. There will probably be very few CMS systems in the industry that Mify has not worked on.

Admin Panel Development
As per the listed needs of your business or project, we hone an admin panel to work with integrated analytics from stats panels and carry out user management. Besides development, we offer a guide to help people understand all the fun things they can do with the admin panel that will reflect on their web application.

Project Support
We ensure the earliest response to all your queries related to web application development service nurtured by Mify. Even after the project is released, we provide services to support mobile web application, rolling updates and free bug fixing for a specific period of time so you are fully satisfied.

Technical support
Our technical support representatives can help you resolve any issue you encounter regarding Web Application Solutions in no time. Mify also may offer telephone or email support. We also include 24/7/365 live telephone and email technical support in our plans at no extra cost.

Web Application Solutions

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