Server Monitoring Services

Mify Solutions provides server process monitoring services to clients, including monitoring of your network, mail server, database, applications and real time monitoring etc. We can provide prompt and continuous monitoring of all your custom applications from your servers as per your requirements and centralized monitoring services, which allow clients to monitor multiple data centers from a single dashboard.

We can help you track all the essential server performance metrics, which includes -

  • Real Time Monitoring - CPU utilization, memory Utilization, disk I/O, network interface and adapters, hardware health, scheduled tasks, syslog errors, event logs, etc.
  • Applications Monitoring - Response time, requests per minute, thread and session details, CPU usage, custom scripts, MySQL database, log files, active directory, swap usage etc.
  • Database Monitoring - connection statistics, buffer cache details, query performance, resource pools, user sessions, dead lock details, system and user errors, etc.
  • Network Monitoring - packet loss, latency, network interfaces, SNMP devices, Ping, etc.
  • Server Performance Monitoring - disk space, CPU usage, RAM, disk usage, and CPU load.
  • Mail Server Monitoring – SMTP, IMAP and POP servers to ensure availability, response Time.
  • Internal and External Monitoring - using protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, ICMP, POP3/POP3s, IMAP/IMAPs, FTP, SMTP/SMTPs, etc.
  • Linux Monitoring - URLs and ports, log files, syslogs, load average, thread & handle count of processes, and more from a single console.
  • Hardware Monitoring – Power supply rating, CPU fan speed, temperature, disk & array, memory, procecessor.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring - Configurable and Automated reports with real time Dashboard for entire setup, Sophisticated reporting, alerting & notification via email.
  • Transactional Monitoring - 24/7 website transactions monitoring, Automated alerting issues of transaction, Detailed report about each transactions with improvement suggestions, Continuous monitoring to detect security related issues.
  • Functional Monitoring - Identify which component failed in production environment and why, Continuous processing results and visualization, identifying problem areas.

Our dedicated team monitors your servers and will keep you updated through phone or email. We will send the alerts just on time and only when there are chances of real downtimes.

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